How to get best value for money when buying carpet

bedroom carpet

Investing in new carpets for your home should be a considered decision. When you plan to spend money on long-term home improvements such as flooring, it’s all too easy for the cost to quickly mount up. But with some careful research, savvy shopping and clever budget management, it is possible to make your finances go further.

At Greg Stone Flooring, we’ve been in the carpet business for more than 40 years. As a leading flooring specialist in Brighton, Hove and beyond, we pride ourselves on our huge selection of carpets and very competitive prices. Here’s our professional advice on how to get the most out of your budget.

1 – Choose the right type of carpet for your needs

Before you go carpet shopping, we highly recommend that you sit down and make a list of what you actually need from your new floor, based on your lifestyle.

Is the carpet a long-term purchase or are you likely to change the flooring again fairly soon? If it’s the former, a good quality wool carpet may be a perfect choice. However, if it’s the latter, there may be little point in opting for expensive carpets since you won’t get the wear out of it. Do you have small children or pets who may cause additional spills or stains? Synthetic materials are more stain resistant and easy to clean, while natural fibres such as wool are more likely to stain and will require professional cleaning.

If you’re uncertain of the type of carpet you need, please feel free to ask our experienced team for advice. We would be delighted to talk you through all the options and give you the benefit of our professional expertise. What’s more, you won’t find better prices than at Greg Stone Flooring!

2 – Look out for special deals on roll ends and discontinued lines

If you are looking for new carpets for a single room or perhaps a small flat, and you’re able to keep a bit of an open mind, there are always bargains to be had. Why buy off the roll by the metre when there may be perfectly suitable remnants, off-cuts or end-of-roll discounts available? Discontinued lines are another good way to save money, as are seasonal sales or stock clearance sales.

At Greg Stone Flooring, our large warehouse showroom in Portslade is well worth a visit. We have a huge range of room-size carpet roll ends in stock that you can take away with you on the day, and there are hundreds of top-quality carpet remnants available at massive discounts. Our team will be on hand to provide expert advice as required, and we can arrange for installation too.

3 – Get the right carpet quality for the right area

Are you carpeting more than one room? It may be tempting to pick the same carpet for all the areas, but you may in fact be spending more than you need to. Our advice would be to spend the budget where it really matters. Choose the best quality carpet and underlay you can afford for rooms that are in regular use and receive the most foot traffic, such as the living room, hallway/stairs and your bedroom.

For less used areas of the house, say a guest room, a cheaper carpet solution will be perfectly OK if you’re hardly using the room. You may even get away with a felt-backed carpet and no underlay at all. It won’t be quite as comfortable underfoot but is perfectly adequate for the use of the room.

4 – Get a competitive quote

Once you’ve chosen your favourite carpet, get the best quote you can. Don’t forget that in addition to the cost of the carpet, there’s the cost of the underlay and installation services. There may also be extra labour charges for removing and disposing of old carpets, making door alterations, and supplying new gripper rods and door trims.

You can save money by choosing a cheaper underlay, though we should point out that a good quality underlay can significantly improve the lifespan of the carpet on top. You could also clear the old flooring yourself, or reuse existing gripper rods and door strips provided they’re still in serviceable condition. Greg Stone Carpets are the leading independent carpet and flooring expert in Sussex. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, taking the time to really listen to your needs and helping you choose a floor that’s perfect for you and at a budget that you’re happy with.

Get in touch today at 01273 423444 or pop into our Portslade showroom any day of the week except Sunday to see for yourself. You will be amazed by the extensive choice of carpets we have in stock – many for immediate takeaway and at unbelievable discounts!

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