kitchen flooring kardean

While decking out your home with the same flooring throughout is a great way to save money, it’s not always the most inspired approach to making a house feel like a home. Different rooms require different approaches, from their general aesthetics to simple practicalities. That’s why we have put together this floor covering guide to […]


From the moment you walk through the front door, you’ll notice the staircase as one of the main features in your house. Its function is to connect different rooms and different floors, which makes this not only a high traffic area but the main artery through the building. So, when it comes to choosing the […]

bedroom carpet

Investing in new carpets for your home should be a considered decision. When you plan to spend money on long-term home improvements such as flooring, it’s all too easy for the cost to quickly mount up. But with some careful research, savvy shopping and clever budget management, it is possible to make your finances go […]

Choosing the right floor extends beyond simply how it looks (although that’s also an important factor). As a business owner, you have responsibilities to keep your staff and customers safe, while also ensuring that the floor you choose will last and serve as a positive investment. Here are a few tips for choosing the right […]

long lasting carpet

There is no doubt in our professional minds that underlay is the unsung hero of the carpet world. Many people don’t seem to think it’s important to put underlay onto floorboards before fitting carpets. It’s an easy temptation to forego this extra layer of flooring, especially when budget is a factor. However, here at Greg […]

Karndean installed in steyning

Karndean is one of the most innovative and respected flooring companies in the world. Offering waterproof, durable, hygienic, family-friendly luxury vinyl flooring in a vast range of styles and finishes, you’ll find the ideal flooring solution for just about every room in the house. Thanks to decades of research and the latest flooring technology, Karndean […]