Choosing the right flooring for your bedroom is a decision that significantly impacts the comfort, aesthetics and functionality of one of the most personal spaces in your home. The flooring you select not only sets the tone for the room’s overall look but also influences how cosy and inviting the space feels. With numerous options […]

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If you’re looking for a flooring option that combines beauty, durability and affordability, laminate flooring could be the perfect choice. Laminate floors have come a long way from their humble beginnings, and today’s high-quality laminates can mimic the look of hardwood, stone and other premium materials with stunning realism. Here, we’ll explore the world of […]

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Installing new flooring is a home improvement project that can instantly transform the look and feel of your living space. Whether you’re replacing old, worn-out floors or simply want to update your home’s style, a flooring installation is a significant investment that requires careful planning and preparation. Understanding the process involved in installing different types […]


When you’re investing in a new carpet, deciding on the right colour is a crucial decision that can shape the overall look of a room. Whether you’re aiming to create a more inviting atmosphere, a sleek modern vibe or a bold statement, the right carpet colour will make all the difference. Here at Greg Stone […]

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If you’re looking to upgrade the floors in your home, luxury vinyl is an excellent option to consider. This versatile and attractive flooring offers a great combination of aesthetics, durability and affordability. At Greg Stone Flooring, we supply a range of realistic wood finishes to provide you with an authentic look for your home. We […]

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Décor styles come and go, but some carpet trends are truly timeless. Cosy, warm underfoot and perfect for improving the temperature of the room, carpet has remained popular in 2023 for its ability to make a room feel more inviting and comfortable. The beauty of carpet is that there are so many styles to choose […]

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Fitting new carpets in your home, investment property or business premises can make all the difference to updating the look and feel of the room. At Greg Stone Flooring, our large warehouse showroom offers a vast selection of superior carpet samples for delivery and installation as well as in-stock carpet roll-ends to take away the […]

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Winter is upon us and that typically means a desire to switch on the heating. But with so many people worrying about their energy bills this year, there’s a reluctance to rely on the central heating to keep our homes warm. Many people don’t realise that our homes lose around 10% of their heat through […]

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When it comes to choosing a new carpet for your home or business premises, getting a wool carpet may be the traditional choice. We all know wool as a natural material that feels soft underfoot, with a beautiful aesthetic and excellent long-term durability. But with so many synthetic alternatives available, is wool the best choice […]

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Carpet is the perfect way to add warmth, comfort and softness to your floor, whether you’re styling a home or fitting out an office space. Flooring can be a significant investment with a visual impact that can make or break the room. Luckily, when it comes to material, colours and textures, there’s a wealth of […]