How to measure a room for new carpet

Carpet selection

Fitting new carpets in your home, investment property or business premises can make all the difference to updating the look and feel of the room. At Greg Stone Flooring, our large warehouse showroom offers a vast selection of superior carpet samples for delivery and installation as well as in-stock carpet roll-ends to take away the same day. We have room-size pieces that are large enough to fit most rooms, and several pieces of the same range are usually available so you can carpet multiple areas – and often at 50% off!

Our Guide

But before you’re ready to choose your new carpet to be installed, the process starts with measuring the area to be carpeted, so you can work out a realistic budget for the job. Here’s our guide on how to measure a room for fitted carpets:

  1. Clear the room of any obstacles, so you can get a clear and accurate measurement of the area. Have a tape measure, pen and paper at the ready. It may be helpful to draw a floor plan of the layout (it doesn’t have to be to scale), especially if the room is not perfectly rectangular.
  2. Start at one corner of the room and measure the length of the longest wall, making sure the tape measure is straight and doesn’t sag. Note down the measurements in metres and centimetres. Please note that carpet is always priced per square metre, so if you use imperial measurements, you will have to convert them to metric units.
  3. Next, measure the width of the room in the same way and note down the measurements. Make sure you measure to the back of the door frame, so there’s enough carpet to fit underneath the door threshold.
  4. Please note that most carpets come in either 4 or 5-metre widths, so you will have to go to the nearest width of the joint if there is a convenient place or join in an alcove or either side of a fireplace.
  5. For measuring hallways, stairs or landings, take the overall length and width, then count the stairs and measure the width, allowing extra for kite-shaped stairs. For the landing, take the length and width allowing for doorways and dropping over the step. If you are unsure about the accuracy of your measurements, Greg Stone Flooring will happily check the sizes for you.
  6. We have a vast range of carpets at all different price points and with a variety of discounts, suitable for all budgets. Remember that by giving us the rough size required, we can reserve your choice of room-sized remnant or end-of-roll bargain and come and double-check whether it will fit.

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