What to consider when deciding on new carpets

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Carpet is the perfect way to add warmth, comfort and softness to your floor, whether you’re styling a home or fitting out an office space. Flooring can be a significant investment with a visual impact that can make or break the room. Luckily, when it comes to material, colours and textures, there’s a wealth of carpet choice across all price points at Greg Stone Flooring, so you’re bound to find the right carpet for your budget and the requirements of the room.

When we refer to wall-to-wall carpeting, we are usually talking about broadloom carpet that comes in a long roll and is professionally fitted to create a seamless surface. But carpets come in such a huge range of colours, patterns and textures, and they’re all suitable for different areas. So how do you find a carpet that can stand up to the demands of your home or premises and look amazing too?

This is where Greg Stone Flooring comes in. Visit our large warehouse showroom where you’ll find a vast range of fitted carpets on display for quick delivery, as well as many roll ends that you can take away immediately. Speak to our friendly, knowledgeable team who will talk you through all the options and guide you towards choosing the best carpet for your needs.

In the meantime, here’s some useful homework you can do to help you decide some key criteria for your next carpet:

1 – Choosing carpet by room

Different rooms have different flooring requirements, so spend some time thinking about where your carpet is going and the result you are hoping to achieve. Living room carpets, for instance, should help create a cosy and relaxing ambience, so you might want to consider a deep Saxony or a durable Twist. Dining room carpets should be stylish but practical and ideally stain-resistant.  Synthetic materials are more stain-resistant and easy to clean. Did you know that our polypropylene carpets are bleach cleanable?

High traffic areas such as halls, landings and stairs are also the most visible, so a combination of durability and style is a good idea. Stripes can help make a feature of stairs, while textured carpets are both hardwearing and good-looking. Once upstairs, indulgent underfoot comfort is key in bedrooms, and our range of super soft Saxony carpets could be just the right thing.

2 – Choosing carpet by fibre

Carpeting a room, a home or business premises is an investment that should deliver the right return. Luckily, there are many options in terms of the material our carpets are made from. Man-made fibres include polypropylene carpets that are durable and stain-resistant but soft to the touch. What’s more, they come in a wealth of colours and designs, making them a stylish, affordable and practical all-round choice. Then there are super soft polyamide (nylon) carpets with fibres that don’t flatten and hardwearing properties that are perfect for busy family homes.

Natural wool carpets are one of the most traditional and popular options that look good for many years, provided they’re well looked after. Wool is resilient, sustainable and luxuriously soft underfoot. The price of wool carpets may be higher than synthetics (ask us about wool mix carpets too) but the properties of wool mean colours look richer, the fibres hold heat, act as a sound insulator and as a flame retardant.

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3 – Choosing carpet by style

There are different ways a carpet can be constructed and it’s useful to be able to tell the difference between the techniques used. The majority of carpets are tufted, literally by punching clusters of fibre through a backing material to create a tufted look. They’re sturdy, hardwearing and reliable and a great choice for the home. Short pile carpets are ideal for high traffic areas while deep pile carpets provide that lush, soft feeling underfoot. Velvet (aka velour or plush) carpets have an exceptionally smooth level surface pile. The opposite to tufted carpets are traditional woven carpets.

Tufted carpets can be either cut pile or loop pile. Cut pile carpets include the classic and elegant Saxony – a wonderful flooring choice for living areas or bedrooms – and Twists – durable floor coverings for family rooms and high traffic areas. Loop pile carpets are cosy and practical, with traditional Berbers being the most popular example.

In terms of aesthetic appeal and underfoot comfort, a luxury carpet in top condition is hard to beat. Sinking your feet into the thick fibres of a deep pile carpet in your living room or bedroom is a sensory experience that oozes opulence and luxury. Check out our range of high-quality domestic carpets and combine with our choice of superior underlay for unparalleled levels of comfort.

4 – Choosing carpet by design

Finally, the design, pattern and colour of your fitted carpet should complement the rest of your interior scheme, whether at home or at work. Choose a plain carpet in a bold colour to add extra interest to the room scheme, or opt for a neutral shade for longevity, providing a backdrop for changing tastes through the years.

Patterned carpets can make a real statement to add colour and contrast, whether you go for classic motifs such as florals, or contemporary designs and geometric patterns. Striped carpets provide added movement and energy in a space and are particularly popular on stairs.

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For professional advice and guidance on fitted or roll end carpets, the team at Greg Stone Flooring are always happy to help. Visit our warehouse showroom where you’ll find a vast choice of carpets at unbeatable prices to take away the same day. Rather than choosing from sample and having to wait for delivery, you get to see the actual colour and texture and can make an instant purchase from our local warehouse, with stock ready to go.

As independent flooring experts with 40+ years’ experience in Brighton & Hove, Sussex and the South Coast, we aim to provide the best customer experience we possibly can and look forward to being of service.